Our Story

Tradition, innovation and passion since 1965

A family story

We began in 1965 when Valerio Benini, father of Leonardo, Matteo and Raffaello, found “ Birreria Spaten”, thanks to his determination and friendship with the Italian importer of the Spaten Beer from Monaco in Germany.
The Brewery, affectionately named”La Spaten” became famous for being a place where to feel comfortable and where to eat the famous würstel with goulash and dumplings. The house was rustical refurbished and was like a snack bar.

The Brewery is affectionately called "La Spaten" by the citizens

In 2000, Valerio passed away, and the guide of the restaurant goes to his three children. They wanted to follow their father’s dream, they improved the menu and brought a breath of freshness to the brewery. In 2010 the restaurant is completely renovated, from the dining room to the kitchen, with the intent to make a more elegant place but not too sophisticated, able to offer all the clients a bigger and tastier menu.

One year later opens the new Restaurant Pizzeria Maffei, where Leonardo, Matteo e Raffaelo, with their young children, carry on the beautiful story began years ago.